Android 8.0 Oreo Update for OnePlus 5 is Rolling Out; Face Unlock Coming Soon


OnePlus has been all over the news on the gadgets planet. Quick successive releases of phones and frequent software updates. Hype and buzz so intensive that the highly successful OnePlus 5 seems to have been overshadowed amidst all this. OnePlus has done well when it comes to software updates for the 3/3T and seems to continue the same with the 5.

Earlier this year, we heard the official news about the OnePlus 5 receiving Oreo updates sometime early in January next year. But as it turns out, OnePlus was to shower sweet surprises ahead of Christmas. To start with, Android 8.0 Oreo has started rolling out in the form of Oxygen OS 5.0 to some OnePlus 5 users. We reckon this will be done in waves with batches of users getting in over a period of time.


OnePlus 5 Android 8.0 Oreo Update & Oxygen OS 5.0 Features

Some of the key highlights of this release would be as follows:

  1. Updated camera app with enhanced UI, beauty option in the portrait mode and overall picture quality improvements
  2. Parallel Apps feature for multiple accounts
  3. UI enhancements for Quick Settings, Emojis, Notifications and Lift Up Display
  4. Alarm Calendar option in Clock
  5. Uploading pictures via Shot On OnePlus
  6. New “Places” tab in the gallery app for viewing photos on a map
  7. Calibration for Adaptive Screen
  8. Performance enhancements for Shelf, WiFi and Battery
  9. Security Patch for December

Face Unlock comes to OnePlus 5

The icing on the cake came in a while ago when OnePlus co-founder, Carl Pei, tweeted that the Face Unlock feature on the OnePlus 5T is so popular, and there was a lot of demand from the OnePlus 5 users for this. Heeding to that demand, OnePlus has decided to treat the OnePlus 5 users with Face Unlock feature. Considering there are no hardware limitations as such to implement this feature, it’s a welcome move. Interesting to see if OnePlus treats the OnePlus 3/3T users as well with the Face Unlock feature.

The year draws to a happier close for OnePlus 5 users with this 1578MB worth update. 5T is the only one without the Oreo after 3/3T and 5 getting it. We should see it coming soon, we will give you a heads up. Merry X-mas until then!

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