5 Features The iPhone 8 Needs to Have

We know the iPhone 8 is coming. Before 2017 is done, Apple will reveal and release what they will surely suggest is the best iPhone ever. That much is inevitable.

What is less certain is whether or not the iPhone 8 will live up to that billing. After all, the last couple of iPhone models have faced some increasingly stiff competition that has left some wondering whether they should jump ship.

So what is it going to take to help ensure that the iPhone 8 is everything that it can be? The answer to that question will vary from user to user, but we feel that there are a few features that all Apple fans would welcome.

1. Built-In Wireless Charging

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To be fair, charging your iPhone 7 wirelessly isn’t that difficult. You can get a wireless charging case for about $20 if you’re not picky about looks. However, it’s still a bit silly that you even have to buy a third-party accessory at all. Why is Apple so gung-ho about killing off wired headsets and seemingly indifferent about wireless charging?

We’d honestly be shocked if the iPhone 8 doesn’t include wireless charging right out of the box. This might lead to an increase in the iPhone’s price, but that certainly hasn’t stopped Apple from implementing far less desirable changes in the past.

2. A Curved Screen (That is More than Just Good Looking)

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Curved phone screens have come a long way since they were the gimmick attraction of tech conventions. While some still feel that the technology is far from essential, it is difficult to go from a phone that has a curved screen to one that doesn’t. Curved screens just make viewing media on a phone feel better. They also look pretty cool.

While we’d be satisfied with a curved screen iPhone – or at least an iPhone option with a curved screen – what we really want is a curved screen that has Apple’s fingerprints all over it (figuratively speaking). Apple used to be famous for perfecting existing technology. An iPhone 8 curved screen that uses that extra display real estate for more than just aesthetics would be incredible.

3. An On-Screen Fingerprint Reader or Facial Recognition Unlocks

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There are two ways that Apple can improve their user recognition technology. The first involves removing the home button from the front of the iPhone – which feels like an increasingly inevitable change – and thus removing its association with fingerprint scanning. Instead, Apple could theoretically make every part of the iPhone’s screen compatible with fingerprint scanning.

The other option involves the ever-expanding field of facial recognition. The idea here is that Apple can use the iPhone’s front facing camera as a face reader that can detect whether or not you are really yourself. That sounds neat, but at present, the technology used to power this ability isn’t exactly optimal. Again, Apple would have to find a way to perfect – or at least improve – this concept before implementing it.

4. A Refined Health App

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The iPhone’s health app just never seems to get enough love. Yes, other phones offer something similar, but nobody has ever quite topped Apple’s health app in terms of usability and feature versatility.

Having said that, the health app is not perfect. For instance, features like sleep tracking still heavily rely on the contributions of third-party apps. Even key components such as step tracking rely on unreliable systems. Apple simply needs to look at what apps specifically designed for each health metric do that their app does not and implement them. It also wouldn’t hurt if they found a reliable way to move beyond GPS for step tracking.

5. Touch Functionality on the iPhone’s Back

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A few years ago, we saw third-party case makers become infatuated with the idea of converting the back of your phone into a separate touch screen. The idea was that you could use these cases to still take advantage of your touch interface without needing to smudge your screen to do so. It was a fine idea that compromised by the fact that few of the cases actually worked that well.

Still, a good idea is a good idea. Again, the only real problem here is whether or not the technology to do this in a way consistent with Apple’s standards even exists. As it is, Samsung struggles to even incorporate an acceptable fingerprint reader on the back of their phones.

The iPhone 8 certainly has the potential to be the best iPhone yet. All Apple needs to do is ensure that they take nothing for granted. They’re not the only game in town anymore, meaning that they need to go all-out in order to ensure that the iPhone remains the premier mobile device on the market.

Is there a particular feature you feel the iPhone 8 simply needs to have in order to make it the best iPhone yet? If so, let us know in the comments below what features are on your wishlist.


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