2018 iPad Pro is Likely to Come with Face ID and Design Similar to that of iPhone X


Apple’s iPhone X not only marked a departure from the signature iPhone styling but also introduced debutant features like the bezel-less OLED display and the Face ID. Recently, KGI Securities had reported that the TruDepth Camera and the Face ID would be coming to the Apple iPad Pro in 2018. Additionally, Apple is also planning to redesign the iPad Pro and give it a similar edge-to-edge display alongside thinner bezels. It’s quite likely that the upcoming iPad Pro will end up looking like the current iPhone X. This makes me wonder, whether or not, the 2018 Apple iPad Pro will inherit the rather infamous notch from the iPhone X.


Apple has been following a rather strange convention when it comes to codenaming its upcoming devices. Last year, the company pointed out to the iPhone X as the “modern iPhone” in some of the beta codes. The “modern” suffix is usually used by Apple to point at a new device. In this case, the “modern” suffix is used to mention hardware that comes with the iPhone 8 series. As per some code which was recently discovered in the iOS 11.3 beta, Apple has made a reference to “modern iPad.” This is something that helps us establish the context which points to a totally new iPad.

Apple is speculated to launch the iPad Pro in June this year at the WWDC, or it may also push the launch to September 2018 and tag it along with the 2018 iPhones. Summing it up, the new iPad Pro will come with TrueDepth Camera that will let users unlock the device with facial recognition, support for Animoji and Portrait mode. It’s worth noting that the iPad Pro doesn’t offer Portrait mode since it comes with a single sensor rear camera setup. It would be interesting to see how well Apple will replicate the gestures on the new iPad, especially since tablets are way bigger than an iPhone X.

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