10 Best Toys to Get Your Dad for 2017 Father’s Day

Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit by Brewery in a BoxThere was a time when your dad was a little boy who spent hours tinkering in the wood shop or playing cards with neighbors or even spent time fantasizing about laying his hands on the star wars collectibles. Just because he is a dad now doesn’t mean that boy in him is done and dusted. You just need to wake the little one up by giving your dad the right nudge on this 2017’s Father’s day.

This father’s day, gift your dad with one of these cool boys’ toys that not only fit your budget but makes your dad lose a few years and grow young!

Nintendo 2DS


Gift your dad a ticket to his retro gaming days with Nintendo 2DS. Available in a range of colors at just over $ 100, the 2DS can be considered as an in between version of Nintendo’s DS and 3DS console. The 2DS has almost all features of the 3DS minus the 3D view, which can hardly be a disappointment considering the choice of retro games in the console. From Legend of Zelda to Mario Kart, this console can also be used to view photos and connect to the Wi-Fi to get more games!

Wingman Multi Tool


Men like to be prepared for everything. It’s just the way they are. So when you gift your dad the Wingman Multi-Tool with 14 inbuilt tools right from the essential bottle opener to pliers and wire cutters in a handy package, the chances are that your old man will surely appreciate it. Available for around $ 40, the stainless steel makes guarantees durability. But just to be sure, the Leatherman product also comes with a 25-year guarantee.

Homebrew Beer Brewing Starter Kit by Brewery in a Box


If your dad loves to grab a beer and chill on some days, then the Beer Brewing Kit by Brewery in a Box is sure to be one of his most treasured possessions once you gift it to him this 2017 Father’s day. Complete with bottles, instructions, and ingredients, the kit maker has thought about everything that a budding beer brewer will need. And the best part? It has been tried, tested and loved by generations and the satisfaction of drinking your own beer is sure to bring happiness to your dad.

Wallet Ninja


If the Wingman multi-tool is too excessive for your father, then the Wallet Ninja is another well-designed multi-tool that you can consider. The Wallet Ninja is a credit card shaped multi-tool that your dad can carry in his wallet and it has 18 tools built into its frame. From the conventional bottle opener to even screwdrivers and a ruler, the wallet ninja is the perfect companion for your dad no matter where he goes.

Drunk, Stoned or Stupid


The next time your dad gets together with his old buddies and has a fun evening, he will have you to thank for some memories if you get him the Drunk, Stoned or Stupid party card game. The game has no player limitations and works on the rule, the more the merrier. There are no winners in the game, only losers. All each player has to do is draw a card and find out the person who owns the card because of his deeds (or misdeeds!). The first person to get 7 cards is the first loser and so on.

Powerup 3.0 smartphone controlled Airplane


It’s time to turn the tables on your dad and show him just how much technology has affected everything we do, even making paper planes! The Powerup 3.0 is a smartphone controlled paper airplane that pairs to your device using Bluetooth. With a range of 50 meters and well adjustable controls, this could be the next fun factor on your picnic with the family.



If your dad is a musically inclined person and spends some time on his keyboard or guitar, getting him a Ukulele will be the best father’s day gift for him ever. The best part about a Ukulele is it is an easy instrument to learn and there are thousands of songs that he can sing along with. If your dad knows to play guitar, then he can use some of those skills, but if not it would just take him a couple of months to get used to and really start using the instrument. The best part is it’s a small and portable instrument and can easily be carried around on trips.

Adidas Men’s Running Shoes


The most thoughtful gift you can get your father if he is an outdoor person is a new pair of running shoes. The Adidas Men’s Thrasher M1.1 is one of the most popular running shoes from the maker and it has a rugged look and design that makes it all terrain friendly. However, the shoes are really lightweight and comfortable and can even survive a few bouts of soccer, basketball, and badminton.

Cheerwing Quadcopter with HD Camera


If your father is the kind of person who appreciates excellent photography and more importantly attempts to take shots that are seemingly impossible, then the Cheerwing Quadcopter would be a great purchase. The Quadcopter has a noseless design and is equipped with an HD camera that guarantees the best photos and videos from elevated angles. Your next family picture or even your dad’s wildlife photography might take an interesting angle once you gift him this!

Star Wars Geeky Tiki


Take your dad on a journey in a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Geeky Tikis. The Geeky Tikis are official Star Wars merchandise and are available in the form of Darth Vader, Yoda, Chewy, R2-D2, a Stormtrooper, and Boba. With a net holding capacity of 14 oz., the Tiki can be your dad’s personal Tiki bar.  The Tiki has 2” inner diameter and is 7” tall and can bring the Star Wars fan in your dad out.

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