10 Best Apps To Hide Photos / Videos On Android

If you’re concerned about your photos and videos privacy, you better opt for apps to hide photos on Android. Read and know more about these 10 best apps to hide videos and photos on Android.

Privacy is as important as anything else in this world. If its breached, it may affect your reputation or stand you embarrassed. Likewise, all the photos and videos in your Android aren’t supposed to be seen by other people. Every person has some memories, which are best when cherished alone. However, due to any technical or manmade mistakes, you may happen to compromise your secret moments; and this is the worst nightmare.

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Although, there are myriads of application that promise to secure your privacy by holding back your photos and videos. But, we’ve enlisted the 10 best apps to hide photos and videos on Android, which are tested and verified and you should try these apps to hide videos and pictures from your android phone or tablet.

Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android 2017

Here is the list of best apps to hide pictures and videos on Android in 2017.

1. Secret Photo Vault

Secret Photo Vault is a double layered password security application that works beyond the expectation. It secures the app with a four-digit pin as well as individual album with a password. This is among those few apps, which lets you unlock your photos and videos with fingerprint and stands you relieved from remembering the passwords. Secret Photo Vault takes extra care of your privacy and provides you with Stealth Mode, using which the app disappears from recent apps list. The app saves your photos and videos in a hidden folder that no one can access and sends you the passcode in your email if you happen to forget.

secret apps to hide photos 

download from google play

2. Keepsafe Photo Vault

Keepsafe is a popular photo hiding vault that lets you secure your files with a pin, password and fingerprint. With Keepsafe, your encrypted private cloud syncs your photos and videos to all your devices. The app also helps you with backup in case you lose your phone. Keepsafe also lets you click pictures as well as share them from within the app.

secret apps to hide photos

Keepsafe Photo Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos (Free+, Google Play) →

3. Hide it Pro

Hide it Pro is a cleverly designed application that is disguised as an Audio Manager in the app drawer. If you long press on the Audio Manager title, the real Hide it Pro launches and asks for your PIN and password. The app provides you with a free cloud backup and allows fingerprint as unlock key. Geared with inbuilt media player, it also disappears from the recent apps list.

best apps to hide photos

secret apps to hide photos 

Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro (Free+, Google Play) →

4. Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery offers to hide your audio, video and photos with a few taps. The app protects your files with an unlock medium of PIN, password or pattern. Safe Gallery also backs up all your data to help you restore in case of data loss. The app also has an App Hide Mode, using which the app doesn’t show up in your phone.

Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android 2017

Safe Gallery (Media Lock) (Free+, Google Play) →

5. Gallery Lock

Gallery Lock is another great hiding application that provides an intuitive interface and a cloud backup. You can play an MP3 background music while a slideshow in the app. It supports PIN and pattern lock as unlock key as well as a Stealth Mode to make itself disappear form the launch pad. If anyone tries to forcefully open the app, Gallery Lock clicks a pic of the attacker.

Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android 2017

Gallery Lock (Hide pictures) (Free+, Google Play) →

6. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault is a nicely designed app that provides a two level protection. It requires a PIN to unlock the app and protects your albums with a strong password. It lets you create secret album within the app and offers to share those photos/videos. Private photo Vault lets you choose a custom album cover to keep the content of the album safe.

Apps To Hide Photos And Videos On Android 2017

Private Photo Vault (Free+, Google Play) →

7. Fotox

Fotox is considered as one of the most reliable security and backup apps for your private photos. Breaking the monotony, Fotox offers you to unlock your app with face recognition apart from PIN and pattern locks. Fotox lets you set a fake crash message to make others believe that the app has crashed on your Android. To your surprise, you’re also allowed to block the uninstallation of this app.

Apps To Hide Videos On Android 2017

Hide Pictures & Videos (Free+, Google Play) →

8. Photo Locker

A secret photo locker that not only encrypts your photos but also conveniently keeps them on your Android. Photo Locker requires a PIN and uses a 128 bit AES encryption technique to ensure the safety and privacy. It offers to hide bulk of images at once along with slideshow, zoom and rotation features within the app. Apart from Stealth Mode, optional PIN recovery feature saves you at times when you forget your PIN.

Apps To Hide Videos On Android 2017

Hide Photos in Photo Locker (Free, Google Play) →

9. Vault-Hide

A one for all app that hides private pictures, videos, SMS, call logs and contacts on your Android. Vault-Hide comes with a private browser and an app lock to cater you with everything in just one app. Vault-Hide allows you to set a security email to help you when you forget the password. Along with Stealth Mode, Vault-Hide comes with cloud backup and data transfer to a new phone.

Apps To Hide Photos Android 2017

Vault-Hide SMS,Pics & Videos,App Lock,Cloud backup (Free+, Google Play) →

10. Vaulty

Vaulty is one of the best photos and videos hiding applications for Android that comes for free. You can put a PIN or a password to enter the vault. Vaulty offers you a free and automatic online backup of your photos to save you from any type of data or device lost. It takes a picture of any intruder trying to bypass the security channel. You can also create multiple vaults to show different people.

Apps To Hide Photos Android 2017

Hide Pictures & Videos – Vaulty (Free+, Google Play) →

Overall, these all apps are really good at hide photos and videos on Android And are worth downloading as they’re among the most popular and tested ones. It is always recommended to keep a backup of your favorite files in cloud storage or your device to side any possible loss of data.


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